Dr. Mercola is a holistic health educator who provides excellent articles that highlight the latest discoveries in scientific research including whole sections about Lupus and Lyme Disease.

Dr. Mercola explains Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy (MMT) in his book Fat for Fuel and how a diet high in fat that burns ketones has been shown to combat cancer, boost brain power, and increase energy. I have been following this diet for about six months now and it has radically improved my inflammation and energy.

Dr. Axe is a popular wellness physician who explains complex health matters so simply and with great infographics. He has great overview articles about Lupus, Lupus diet, and Lyme Disease

For the super nerdy folk who want to know the details of how lupus affects your body at a cellular level, Dr. Alex Vasquez is the most knowledgable I have ever found. He is a leading researcher on cellular pathways that cause autoimmunity like lupus. He has lots of interesting videos on YouTube.

The lupus encyclopedia by Dr. Thomas is a must read to learn the A-Z's about lupus. There are chapters that explain how Lupus affects each organ of the body, how Lupus prescription drugs work in your body, and what each of the laboratory test results mean.

The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers is a fantastic starting place (or refresher) to learn the basics for managing autoimmune disease like Lupus. She explains the importance of gut health and walks through how to minimize exposure to environmental toxins. 

"Under Our Skin" and "Under Our Skin 2: Emergence" are award winning documentaries highlighting how Lyme Disease affects America and the controversy of Chronic Lyme. 

In her book Believe Me, Yolanda Hadid reveals not only what treatments have and have not worked for her, but also how Lyme Disease has impacted her relationships and personal growth. Yolanda's ability to communicate authentically about the struggle of living with an invisible illness is both refreshing and inspiring.


Get connected to your local network! Here are my favourite community resources in BC, Canada. 

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BC Lupus Society

The BC Lupus Society based out of British Columbia, Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides services and programs to the lupus community. 2017 is their 40 year celebration!

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My Lupus Team

This is an online social network for those living with Lupus. Here you can find others in your area, ask questions, and browse resources.  

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Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

CanLyme is a registered charitable organization that brings awareness about Lyme Disease by sharing information such as research and tips.