Current Treatment for Lupus and Lyme

Treatment for Lupus and Lyme is not a one-size-fits-all approach; I have been constantly re-evaluating what my personal body needs to keep moving forward towards healing. I’m happy to say that our efforts have been fruitful and I am so encouraged to see continued overall improvement and a drastic difference from when I started treatment around this time last year! 

Many people have a mindset that when there is a health problem, the fix is to take a medication for life. Unfortunately though, this is a ‘bandaid’ solution that simply masks symptoms but does not help the body heal. Not to mention the side effects that also occur alongside the intended effect! So while my body needs some of those medications for keeping pretty serious symptoms under control, I have a whole arsenal of other treatment options to help my body heal so that hopefully one day I won’t need medication anymore!

Future Dr. Brooklyn joined me for the last day of my latest round of IV antibiotics :) The lovely  Dr. Aubrey Shannon  was very kind and generous, helping me arrange 6 days in a row!

Future Dr. Brooklyn joined me for the last day of my latest round of IV antibiotics :)
The lovely Dr. Aubrey Shannon was very kind and generous, helping me arrange 6 days in a row!

Here is a summary list of what I am currently doing for treatment of Autoimmune Disease and Lyme Disease:


  • Burbur-Pinella (brain-nerve cleanse)

  • Parsley extract

  • Activated charcoal

  • Silymarin (milk thistle)

  • UNDA 1, UNDA 20, UNDA 243 combination

  • Infrared sauna

  • Dry brushing

  • Glutathione push

Immune Support

  • Myers IV therapy

  • Reishi mushroom powder

  • Transfer factors


  • Pulses of IV antibiotics

  • MAH - Major Autohemotherapy

  • Quintessence

  • Previously Samento & Banderol, Eluna & Mora, or Cumanda & Houttuynia

  • Serrapeptase to break biofilm

  • CBD oil to break biofilm and kill spirochetes & egg form

  • Plaquenil (Lupus = suppresses antibody production, Lyme = cyst buster)


  • Myers IV therapy

  • Juice Plus (fruit, veggie, berry)

  • Probiotics

  • Methylcobalamin (methylated B12) injections

  • Stress B Complex

  • 5-MTHF (methyl folate)

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Fish oil (Omega 3:6 at 1.5:1 ratio)

  • Imflammatrix

  • Ribes Nigrum

  • Kalium phosphoricum (tissue salts)

  • Ferrasorb

  • Cortrex

  • Thyroid Px

  • Electrolyte powder

  • Betaine HCL & Pepsin

  • GB40

  • Ashwaghanda

Pain Management

  • CBD oil and lotion

  • Low Dose Naltrexone (prescription)

  • DoTerra Deep Blue rub

  • Inflammatrix (when inflammation related)

  • Burbur-Pinella (when detox related)

Stress Management

  • Essential oils diffused day and night

  • Detox baths

  • Adrenacalm cream in the evening

  • UNDA 30

  • GABA Pro

  • Bible study & obedience to the Word

Product changes

  • Homemade lotion & face cream

  • Homemade foundation and mica powder for blush

  • Homemade deodorant

  • Homemade lip balm

  • Natural toothpaste (Toms)

  • Natural body soap (Good)

  • Natural hand & dish soap (Soap Dispensary)

  • Natural home cleaners (Norwex, Pink Solution)

  • Ceramic cookware, glass food storage, filtered water

  • Homemade organic food (almost no processed food), avoiding allergens & inflammatory food

There are times when we find ourselves lacking control over our lives, whether that be our health, relationships, or finances. It is wise to seek out what scripture has to say about these things and to look for sound counsel. Life may be completely out of our hands, but the Lord is always sovereign. Abide in Him and He will abide in you! 

“Remain in Me, and I in you. As the branch is not able to bear fruit of itself, unless it remain in the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in Me.”
John 15:4


Please remember that this list is a personalized treatment plan that has been working for my body; you can read my disclaimer here. I hope that it can inspire you to inquire further about what could be a benefit to you. 
If you know of anything not mentioned here that I could look into for the future, please share in the comments below!